About Us

We are a built-from-scratch solution-oriented tech firm, with experience in development of
technology that transcends the traditional website or app creation process. With the perfect blend of technical expertise & business acumen.

About Vintega Solutions

Old Bazaar Rawalpindi, access to national and international market, increasing commutation cost, modern life style, escrow settlement are few of the key words that originates the very idea of developing a team to work, improve and master the Ecommerce market.

Our Vision

To be the most coveted E-commerce solution provider company in Pakistan.

At Vintega, we look beyond the surface of a concept looking to disrupt the E-COMMERCE thought process with a clear mission of becoming tomorrows unicorn.

Core values - Vintega

Value – Innovation – Integrity – Assurance

Two passionate professionals from different parts of the globe, well supported by their local and international friends took this mission to enter to improve the current Ecommerce paradigm. A company called Vintega solutions (Private) Limited was specifically formed to address the emerging needs of the modern era E-trade with the objective to provide simple, easy to use solutions.

Software Development

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications,

Website Development

Website development encompasses all the tasks pertinent to the website. Being an integral part of online business, an impactful online presence is mandatory.

Video Based Solutions

When visually static things appear boring why not try Video based solutions. The world is changing at a dramatic speed and so does the means of communication.

End to end e-commerce integration

To make the shopping experience more enjoyable and fun filled Vintega Solutions is facilitating vendors with reliable, convenient, and a user-friendly end to end e-commerce integration.

Our Aim

For Vintega Solutions, sky is the limit. The company is passionate about exploiting the e-commerce industry to its full potential. For that matter, the company aims at development and deployment of an effective Social commerce platform:
  • Actual, development of the e-commerce marketplace
  • Bringing e-commerce related apps
  • Develop tools and APIs to enhance the offered Eco system
  • SAAS-PAAS services.


Close monitoring and control checks are part and parcel of any organization to function properly. Considering the importance of intense supervision, Vintega Solutions holds a Dubai based supervisory board. The main personnel of this board are the seasoned investment bankers who are highly capable of ensuring stringent scrutiny measures.

Our belief

Empower the local talent through introduction of national and international market in an innovative way and creating a localized ECO system.

For us, the key is to transform the technological advancements into an easy to use application that affects the efficiency and effectiveness of small business growp

Our Competency:



Live video streaming
solutions with live

Social media

Payment gateway
installations &

management &

Customized API
development and/or

Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment